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  1. AAPRCO - American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners Details

  2. LB Foster (USA) Details
    Rail products

  3. Fragonset Details
    Fragonset is the UK’s leading independent supplier of
    Locomotives, Rolling Stock and Engineering Services to Britain’s railways.

  4. La Fédération des Industries Ferroviaires Details
    The French Railway Industry Association FIF regroups some fifty companies and its membership, which represents the full range of railway industrial activities, includes rolling stock manufacturers, engineering firms, railway equipment suppliers, track and signalling industries, design offices, testing centres, etc. FIF truly encompasses all the players and stakeholders in the railway industrial chain.

  5. Compagnie de Chemins de Fer Départementaux (France) Details
    Construction of railroad equipment.

  6. GE Equipment Services Rail (USA) Details
    GE Equipment Services, Rail Services is a leading service provider to the rail industry. We offer one of the most diverse fleet of railcars in the business, as well as a full range of intermodal assets, to transport vital commodities where and when they are needed.

  7. VolkerRail (Netherlands) Details
    Bridging over distances, gathering information, and combining separate components into one. This is the day-to-day work of VolkerRail. Not only literally through the railway construction activities, but also by understanding that infrastructure means more than just combining separate components. The ability to survey and understand complex projects is invaluable nowadays, and that is where the strength of VolkerRail lies in.

  8. Alstom (France) Details
    ALSTOM is a global leader in power generation and rail infrastructure.

  9. Balaji Railroad Systems Ltd (India) Details
    Railway consultancy services covering Transport planning, Civil Engineering (Track Work, Bridges, Structures) and Mechanical Engineering (Shunting Locomotives, Wagons, Special purpose rail vehicles etc.)

  10. Systra Consulting (USA) Details
    Operating as SYSTRA Consulting and SYSTRA Engineering, we offer one of the most extensive resources devoted exclusively to rail and public transit consulting. From conception through completion - transportation planning, design engineering, and construction management and inspection - SYSTRA delivers optimal and cost effective solutions.

  11. Cricket Enterprises (USA) Details
    Sales and leasing of used railroad, rolling stock and maintenance of way rail equipment such as speed swings, rotary dump trucks, tie cranes, ballast regulators, ballast cars, box cars, trackmobiles, trashmasters and tampers.
    Plympton MA, USA

  12. Strukton Railinfra (Netherlands) Details
    As full-service provider Strukton Railinfra delivers a safe and reliable rail infrastructure in Europe.

  13. Bombardier Details
    Rail vehicles, total transit systems, rail control solutions, bogies

  14. RWF - Rail Wheel Factory (India) Details
    The Plant caters to Indian Railways' requirements of Railway wheels, axles and wheelsets and also meets the demands of non-Railway customers in India.

  15. Performance Rail Tie: Composite Crossties Details
    Performance Rail Tie manufactures and sells composite plastic crossties (sleepers) engineered to last 50 years with 4 times the lateral stability of wood ties.
    Paris TX, USA

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